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Native publishing Enterprise Connectivity Custom Branding Your own cloud instance

Native publishing

Native publishing

Distribute your projects as native applications on the iOS and Android marketplaces and enhance content for offline viewing.

Enterprise Connectivity

Enterprise Connectivity

MobileNation Enterprise uses open standards. Connect to your existing MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL databases using our enterprise database connector, and start building Mobile front-ends to your data immediately.

We also provide support for oData, a web service protocol developed by Microsoft that enables integration with your own existing webservices, as well as out-of-the-box integration with Sharepoint 2010, Dynamics CRM 2011, and IBM WebSphere.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

MobileNation Enterprise takes your projects' visual identity a step further by enabling you to customize their icons and splash screens.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics

Each published project in MobileNation enterprise contains its own analytics dashboard, providing detailed information on visits, and user returns by date, and by targeted device (web, iOS, android)

Enterprise Features

MobileNation Enterprise integrates the power of our platform with your organization's existing information infrastructure.

With native publishing to iOS and Android devices, as well as the ability to connect to your company's own back-end web services and database systems including SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle, MobileNation Enterprise provides the tools you need to make your business mobile.

Fully supported by our team of experts, MobileNation Enterprise is scalable and easily tailored to meet every organization's business requirements.


Plans and Pricing
  • Unlimited native iOS & Android Publishing. Push your apps to the store, or run them on your own private network.
  • Dedicated Cloud or on-premise. Run MobileNation on your own Amazon Cloud, or on-premise through a VMWare instance.
  • Analytics Management. Track app usage metrics and adjust your app accordingly for improved performance.
  • Premium Widgets including LDAP Authentication, off-line support, Calendaring and more.
  • Datasource connectors supporting connectivity with Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL.
  • Dedicated Support Plans. Choose from a range of plans, or we'll tailor a support arrangement that meets your needs.

Small, Medium and Large organizations have selected MobileNation to build internal facing apps for staff, as well as customer facing apps that are published to the App Store and Google Play market. Request a quote for our Company offering.

Tell us about the type of apps you're looking to develop with MobileNation.

Want to create apps for your own clients? Looking for a cross-platform app development solution that supports both iOS and Android? Need support for implementing your awesome designs and custom data? Request a quote for our Reseller offering.

Tell us about the type of apps you're looking to build for your clients.

MobileNation Offers a White Label licensing agreement. Organizations can publish an unlimited number of apps and brand the publishing platform as their own. Request a quote for our White Label offering.

Tell us your organization, your mobile experience and what opportunity you see working with a self-branded version of the MobileNation platform.

How it works

MobileNation provides a simple step-by-step process for designing, building and publishing your mobile apps.

Using your web browser, plan and assemble your feature rich mobile app. You can instantly preview your creations on your iOS or android device's web browser.
When you've finished creating your app, you can instantly publish it to the AppStore, Google Play Marketplace, and even a mobile website, in just a few clicks!

Sign up now for free and start building your own mobile apps.

Design and Create Publish Install QR code app Take photo Use your app \
Use your app

Design and Create

Design and Create

Design and create your mobile app.



Click Publish and choose a delivery method (QR Code, Facebook or Twitter).

Install QR code app

Install QR code app

Ensure you have a QR code reading app installed on your iPhone or Android.

Take a photo

Take photo

Take a photo of the QR code to see an instant preview of your app as you build it

Publish to Stores and web

Publish to stores

In a few short button presses, you're able to deploy your app to the Apple Appstore, Android Play Marketplace, and as a mobile website, all without having to change any content whatsoever!

Use your app

Use app

Use your new mobile app on your phone.

About MobileNation

MobileNation launched at DEMO Spring 2011. Watch our launch video here and learn more about the people behind MobileNation

Please contact us for more information.

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