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MobileNation gets Citrix MDX support for frictionless enterprise mobility

MobileNation is proud to announce that we now support Citrix MDX!
Citrix MDX technology centralizes IT configuration, management, security and control for applications built using the MobileNation Platform.
As a MobileNaton enterprise user, you can configure apps built with MobileNation to reside in their own containers, separated from your users’ personal apps and data on the device. This allows your IT department to set comprehensive policy-based controls such as data leakage prevention, as well as the ability to remote lock, wipe, and encrypt deployed MobileNation applications acrossany iOS or Android device. With minimal development time and effort, you’ll be able to bundle and deploy your new and exist- ing MobileNation applications to Citrix’ robust enterprise management infrastructure.

Creating applications for use in MDX using MobileNation is an easy 3-step process

1. Create your app using the MobileNation builder

2. Publish your app using the ‘Package as Citrix MDX bundle’ option

3. Upload the created .mdx bundle to your MDX server and deploy to your Enterprise’s mobile fleet!

Building a count-down timer with MobileNation

This week’s tutorial was requested by a user on our support site ( It shows how you can use MobileNation’s javascript widget to create a simple countdown timer that decrements from 100 to 0. We make use of the following components:

  • Label
  • Button
  • Timer
  • Javascript

Essentially, we create a custom javascript that declares a global variable, window.theCount. When the following javascript is executed, we update our label’s text to reflect this variable’s current value.

The code is as follows:

"decrementCount": function() {
if (window.theCount == null) window.theCount = 100;

if (window.theCount >= 0) {
MN.find('Default View/label').text = window.theCount;

Now to make this countdown occur every second, we execute this the decrementCount javascript function by wiring it to a timer widget’s Interval reached action. You could just wire it to a button to make the number decrement every time someone clicks on a button, for instance, but we want to make this happen every second.

Finally, we create a button to start the timer. We wire from the button’s touch down action to the timer’s “start timer” responder.

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