One of the true competitive advantages of MobileNation is its integration with ODBC data sources. Building enterprise apps that access and manipulate data in real-time empowers organizations to build mobile apps that connect to their back-end infrastructure.

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to connect to an existing database environment (in this case a Windows Azure database in the Cloud) and assemble an instant messaging client using nothing more than the Data Accessor, Table and Text Field widgets within the MobileNation builder. The end result is a real-time Instant Messaging app that can be shared straight away with your colleagues and friends.

Expanding on this simple tutorial, users can develop fully featured database driven mobile apps that quickly leverage existing data managed within the enterprise. Organizations can start building mobile front ends to data stored in MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases, as well as access and display document lists stored within MS SharePoint using the MobileNation OData accessor.

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