We’ve just pushed out a large update to MobileNation that gives you far more fine-grained control of your application’s look’n’feel, and how it operates logically.

Introducing the javascript widget.

The javascript widget allows you to write your own reusable functions in javascript. MobileNation is able to intelligently interpret your functions into visual actions which you can call using components. Further, you can wire components and their attributes as arguments. The end result? Super quick  managed development!

The MobileNation javascript API.

Did you know that every component you drop into MobileNation can be accessed and manipulated using javascript? Just take note of the name of the view you’re in, and the name of you’re component, and you’ve got immediate access to your component using javascript.
For example. Lets say you’ve dropped a button called ‘button’, in a view called Default View:
You can access this component in javascript using MN.find(‘Default View/button’). Further, you can manipulate the button’s properties simply by setting them! Say you wanted to make your button red, you could just use MN.find(‘Default View/button’).background_color = “#FF0000″;
Learn more about our javascript API by watching our tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqDlDdq6mmM&feature=share&list=UU734t65j1KhLEp70slp1V6g