This week, MobileNation received it’s largest update since we launched a year ago at DEMO spring 2011. Based on your feedback, we’ve updated and improved a huge number of features with the system, and we’ve made deploying your MobileNation app to the iOS app store, Android Play store, and mobile web a 3-click process!

Native Publishing

Self-service native publishing is here! Now in just a few nimble button presses, you can now deploy your masterpiece to the Android Play MarketPlace, the Apple Appstore, and a HTML5 mobile website! MobileNation gives you the ability to choose how and where you want your app published, and allows you to relegate the tedious task of publishing your app to the stores to us. Or, if you’re the DIY kind, you can download your app’s source code and submit it yourself! The choice is yours!

Your own subdomain

MobileNation now provides free subdomains & hosting for HTML5 projects. Our provided domain names are short, so your users won’t have a hard time entering them on their devices. What’s more, enterprise users can associate MobileNation apps with their own domain names, giving that ultimate level of customization and giving your site’s mobile users a rich, touch-friendly experience.

Publish your app to secure its subdomain today!

More customization

In the past you didn’t have the ability to choose your own icon, or define your own splash screen images. With our update, you’re able to customize everything down to the colors of the progress bar of your app. Drag and drop your images onto the our visual identity editor to define your app’s icon and splash screen image. Hit publish on your existing app to start enjoying this feature now.

In depth analytics

Building and releasing your app typically only constitutes half of it’s lifecycle. MobileNation enterprise now enables users to collect detailed analytics on their apps, and track returning users and overall usage by platform (iOS, Android, Web) over a given date range. Learn more about MobileNation enterprise.

HTML5 offline support

We now transparently enable your app’s content to be cached in web apps, making it far more effective to view content on devices that with limited network capabilities. What’s more is that you can also now choose the level of caching in data source queries.
Try it now! Publish an app, and visit it on your device’s web browser. Close your browser and put your phone into airplane mode. Revisit the site. Like magic, your app will still work!
Updated your app? Don’t worry! The next time your user visits your MobileNation web app when they have network connectivity, they’ll be automatically updated to the latest version.

For Enterprise users, we’ve also implemented a connectivity widget, which enables you to perform actions in particular ways when connectivity is either gained or lost. Check out our enterprise plans now

better for everyone
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It’s the little things that make all the difference between a good product and great product. At MobileNation, we’re constantly collecting our users’ feedback and building a platform that suits your collective needs. For our designers, this release we’ve pushed out an all-new color picker, which gives you finer grained control over color selection without needing to go and visit a tool like photoshop.

For our developers, we’ve just released a javascript API that enables you to manipulate MobileNation widgets using javascript. When your code breaks, we’ve also implemented JSLint debugging to enable informative error messages to help you locate bugs.

We’re planning on some big updates in the future for developers, which will include remote debugging capabilities and enhanced code management. Stay tuned for more info!

Webinar ahoy!

Next week, meet Ben, our technical cofounder, will be running a webinar to learn and discuss how to make your app a reality. He’ll also answer any technical questions about the product you may have, and will run through detailed examples on how to make your own data driven app.

We’re running the webinar twice, for timezone convenience.

US Users: Tune in on Thursday, May 3 @ 9am PST (GMT -08:00) at to join in.